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Within the City of Tea Tree Gully there are many properties which are not connected to the SA Water sewer system for the disposal of wastewater. Most of these properties are connected to the Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS.) Those properties which are not connected to SA water sewers or the CWMS must have an on-site system such as an aerobic wastewater treatment system.

Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS)

The Community Wastewater Management System (formerly known as STEDS or CED) differs from the SA Water sewer system in that it is designed to accept liquid effluent only and not solid. As a result, properties connected to the CWMS must have a septic tank to store the solids. It is a legislative requirement that septic tanks are pumped out/de-sludged every four years and Council has a pump out program to assist residents in meeting this. Owners of properties connected to the CWMS pay an annual fee to Council (in lieu of the sewer fee to SA Water) for the running of the pump out program and maintenance of the system. To assess the suitability of applications submitted to Council for alterations to systems and new systems, Environmental Health Officers use the On-site Wastewater Systems Code.

For enquiries about the CWMS and wastewater applications please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444.

On-Site Wastewater Systems

Properties which cannot be connected to the sewer system or CWMS must have a wastewater treatment system which can treat liquid effluent and dispose of it on-site. It is a legislative requirement that these systems are pumped out/de-sludged every four years. In the case of an on-site system, it is the responsibility of the owner to have the system pumped out. There are a variety of different treatment systems available including aerobic wastewater treatment systems and soakage trench systems. For a full list of approved wastewater systems refer to the Wastewater Management page of the SA Health Website.

To speak to an Environmental Health Officer regarding an on-site wastewater system, please call 8397 7444.


Greywater refers to water from showers, baths, washing machines, laundries and hand basins. If you intend to use greywater, it is important that it is done correctly. SA Health have produced a fact sheet which talks about what water can be used and how it can be used. Permanent greywater systems require approval from Council.

If you require further information on greywater please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 8397 7444.                         

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